Bridesmaid Tips -> Why Choose Brown or Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses?

There are many reasons brides may choose brown for their bridal party. Brown is a lovely color for a fall wedding, or it may be a quirky play on words for the last name Brown. Lighter brown hues are excellent choices for a beach wedding, and darker shades are warm and bold for winter weddings. In general, lighter shades should be worn for spring and summer celebrations, while darker, richer tones are more appropriate for fall and winter events.

Some brides may also select brown as one of their primary wedding colors because they are interested in a natural, ecological theme that is well coordinated with brown shades. Brown is also a beautiful color to pair with an ivory wedding gown because both colors share a warmth and richness that will create a lovely wedding color palette.

A considerate bride may choose brown shades because they are more suitable for her bridesmaidsí skin colors and body styles. Brown is a fairly neutral color that can easily look flawless for any skin tone, and darker shades are more forgiving for ample figures.