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The bride is swamped with things to do. The bridesmaids can be a big help relieve some of the stress she is experiencing.

Remember, if you are asked to be a bridesmaid you are someone who the bride considers very special in her life. This is especially true for the Maid of Honor.

If there are a number of you in the wedding party each can do something for the bride or you can all participate.

Some of the things you can do are:

  • Take her for a manicure and pedicure or massage and facial. This can be fun if more that one of you goes with her.
  • A gift certificate for the same is nice but if you schedule it to go with her, chances are it will happen. If you don't, she may not use this stress relieving experience until after the wedding because she is so busy preparing.
  • About a week before the wedding, schedule the bachelorette party as an over night adventure. This gets her away and lets her enjoy the party without trying to take care of other things at the same time.
  • If you have any pictures that are relative to the occasion, put together a slide show and present it at the party. You may ask the brides family to help you with this.
  • Something that is very simple and can help reduce the stress is for the bridesmaids (one or more) to just take her to lunch or dinner every once in awhile during the time leading up to that wonderful day.
  • Scrap booking is big these days, make her a scrap book of events and items from the time she met her fiancÚ until the wedding day.

    If you grew up together and were best friends, you may be able to include thoughts and dreams you discussed as you planned that special day sometime way in the future.

    If she's really lucky, you may be able to produce some memorabilia.

    With today's technology you can even include pictures from the wedding day.

    Give the scrapbook to her prior to her and her husband leaving the reception. They'll enjoy reliving their experiences while on their honeymoon.
  • Give her a handkerchief with her new monogram and with the wedding date embroidered on it.
  • Put together a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. You should include such things as Band Aids, aspirin, clear nail polish, superglue, dental floss, tape, hand sanitizer or towelets, sewing kit, safety pins, scissors, straws (drink without messing up lipstick), tissues, tweezers, comb, brush, panty hose, breath mints, hair spray and of course a mirror.

Most of all give her love and support and forgive her for snapping at you now and then. She doesn't really mean it, she's just stressing.