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A beautiful wedding dress adds to the bride's beauty on her wedding day, but a beautiful bridesmaid dress raises that beauty to a whole different level.

Usually the bride and her maid of honor or mother are the ones who look for and pick out the dresses. Of course, the bride should get the final say in choosing them.

Who helps find the Best Bridesmaid Dresses?

As in all parts of the wedding, planning is the key. The process should start as early as possible. Four to six months before the wedding is not too early to start looking for the right dress.

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Start by looking at magazines or surfing the web to get an idea of what style and colors fit the wedding décor. After you have decided on these two factors it's a good idea to visit department stores and bridal shops. It's also a good idea to go to bridal shows and fairs to see what is the latest in fashion for a dress, or just what is out there to choose from.

Plus Size Dresses

Remember to consider the sizes and body types of the bridesmaids. Not all styles and colors are flattering to all body shapes and sizes.

Black Bridesmaid Dress? Red Dress

Over the years things change. It's no longer necessary to have each dress be the same exact color or style. Many brides these days are choosing dresses for their bridesmaids that they may be able to wear again in the future.

One approach is for the bride to pick out the fabric and color and have each bridesmaid choose a dress that is similar enough to each other but fits their needs for the wedding and in the future. Of course, the bride needs to give some guidelines.

For a different approach, look at two piece outfits where the skirt is the same, but the tops are different styles in the same color.

Many times the Maid of Honor has a different style dress or one of a different color. This may be easy if any of the previous suggestions are taken.

Maternity Dress

There are a few other considerations that you need to take into account. One or more of your bridesmaids may need a maternity dress. You may have a junior bridesmaid to think about. Also, don't forget the flower girl!

Junior Bridesmaid Dress - Flower Girl Dress

The junior dress should follow the same rules as those of the other bridesmaids, and be appropriate for her age at the same time. If possible, have her dress made or purchased at the same time as the others.

The flower girl dress should accent either the brides dress or the bridesmaids with some added touches such as sashes or trims that match other colors that may be used in the wedding. These dresses are typically little girl dresses and usually receive rave reviews.

Discount Dresses Online

If you have out of town bridesmaids, you have a challenge. If you are purchasing the dresses from a nationwide chain, all you have to do is give the bridesmaid the necessary information and she can get measured and order her dress on her own.

If you are using a local company you need to get her sizes and then send the dress to her long before the wedding so any alterations can be made in time.

The bridesmaids' bank accounts do not have to be drained. Be reasonable and don't cause any undo financial burden on them.