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If you've been asked to be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding, there's a lot to keep in mind and a lot to consider. It is a great honor to be chosen to be a bridesmaid, but there's a lot of responsibility, too! One responsibility that is carefully delineated is that you are meant to be a support for the bride as she approaches her big day. Below are a few tips you may want to keep in mind while helping out.

1.Pitch in!

The bride has a hundred and one things to do as her wedding comes up, everything from catering to dress fittings to flowers. Volunteer whatever time you can in order to make her life a little bit easier. There's a lot you can do and even little things can add up. Even just remembering to pick something up can make things enormously easier on everyone concerned. Remember not to get too stressed for time yourself, being reliable about a few things is much better than trying to be Superwomen about a bunch of things and then forgetting about them.

2.Be attentive!

It's the bride's big day, but it's also going to be a nerve-wracking one. Keep in mind that she should enjoy her day, not be stressed or frustrated with it. Do your best to help keep her in a good mood and don't forget the essentials. Too many brides forget about things like eating and sleeping as the time draws near, so make sure she gets something to eat and drink a few hours before the ceremony. You don't want the wedding to come to a halt when the bride collapses from dehydration.

3.Be honest!

It can be a fine line between letting the bride do what she wants and stopping her from making a bad decision that will haunt her photo albums for years to come. If she's making a choice you think she is making due to too much stress, gently ask her if that is what she really wants. Remember that the important thing is that she be happy, and if you go into it with the mindset of making sure she is happy, she will thank you for your help.

4.Don't forget your role!

One of your duties is to the complement the wedding party. In light of this, make sure that you take care of your dress in a timely manner. Make sure you pick it up in enough time that you will be able to make any alterations necessary. This is for your benefit as much as anyone else's; you don't want to manhandle an over-long skirt through a long reception, or be constantly on the verge of falling out the

5.Have fun!

Being part of the wedding party is a honor and a great chance to help your friend celebrate one of the most important days in her life. One thing that will make her happy is seeing you enjoy yourself, so make sure you eat the good food, have a slice of cake and dance up a storm as your friend starts her new life.