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The Bridal House offers a great selection of bridesmaid gowns in our Bridesmaid Loft. Before the party begins shopping for a suitable bridesmaid dress, the bride should visit us to help decide what colour and style of dress she would like her attendants wearing.

Will the whole party be wearing the same style, or not? She should also consider her bridesmaids' styles, figure types, and budgets. Following are some helpful bridesmaid gown tips to help you and your party when you are looking for a Simply Beautiful bridesmaid gown: 

  1. If your bridesmaids are all different sizes, it may be easier to choose a colour and let them each find a different dress style in that same colour. The Bridal House offers a wide range of bridesmaid dresses to suit a variety of shapes and tastes.
  2. The Bridal House also offers out-of-town services. Bridesmaids who live out of town can get professionally measured and then call in their measurements or fill out our convenient
  3. If you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same colour, ensure the dresses are all purchased from one store AT THE SAME TIME. Dress batches can sometimes be made from different fabric dye lots. Ordering them all at once ensures that all the dresses are the exact same colour.
  4. Dresses should be ordered five to six months before the wedding to allow for delivery and alteration time.
  5. Once a dress has been selected, have every bridesmaid professionally measured. This will help you determine if your bridesmaids' sizes can be ordered in that particular dress style.